Potts & Pans Bamboo Steelpan Mallets – Lead

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Potts & Pans bamboo lead steelpan mallets are a great mix of tradition and modern.



Potts & Pans bamboo lead steelpan mallets are a great mix of tradition and modern. Enjoy the natural feel of traditional bamboo mallets that have been weight matched to make sure a pair truly is a pair. You can then choose if you want a modern slip-on tip or go with our hand-wrapped traditional series.

Potts & Pans mallets are handmade to your specifications. These particular mallet options are recommended for lead steelpans (aka tenor pan or soprano pan) but feel free to contact us about requesting other options that may not be listed.

Typically, lead mallets are 7″ or 8″ but feel free to request a custom length up to 12.”

Diameters available are:
A – 3/8″ (slightly thicker than a pen)
B – 7/16″
C – 1/2″ (industry norm)

Tips available for lead pans are:
Yellow – hardest on A & B diameters
Red – hardest on C diameter
Brown – softest
Natural Gum Rubber Wrap – variable

Not sure you actually want bamboo mallets? We also offer regular wood, aluminum, and carbon fiber. If you need help deciding which mallets are right for you, please feel free to contact us.

*Please note – Bamboo is a natural material and may have slight differences between each mallet. Also, bamboo is very susceptible to cracking/splitting with weather changes. We cannot guarantee how long your new mallets last and do not offer any type of warranty period.


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