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Time for a facelift!

It’s been a few years since we have done work on the website, and we went all in this time around! It wasn’t good enough to just revamp the old site, we needed to start from scratch! We have learned and listened to our customers to figure out how to improve our service to the pan community. This version of the site is not 100% complete yet, more products are added all the time!

But wait, it’s not just about the looks

Aside from the obvious visual difference of the site the biggest difference is our approach to which products to list. In the past, we did the best we could to only offer products that we felt were quality products for the pan community. We feel that we didn’t always hit that mark. This new site also comes with a new approach! We are not listing any products that we have not actually personally worked with. What does that mean to you? Customers shop with the confidence knowing that every product is backed by The Steelpan Store Promise. The Steelpan Store Promise is our word that what you’re buying is a quality product, that it does the job it was designed to do, and that it won’t leave you with buyer’s remorse in a couple weeks.

Quality Vs. Quantity

This approach drastically reduces the number of products that we will be carrying. However, this approach also helps us to deliver orders more efficiently and get your new pan products in your hands quicker. The downside is that it is now a bit more difficult to request new products. We still want all of our awesome customers to send requests about products we should carry. These requests, however, go through an inspection process before approval.

All and all, we are very excited about the new site and even more so about the improved focus of our new direction. There are a lot of steelpan products out there, some are great, some are not. The Steelpan Store was created to help new panists find the equipment they need. This refined approach to that original mission will help the pan community as a whole continue to grow and improve.

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