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About The Steelpan Store

The Steelpan Store was created by a steelpan player for steelpan players. This site was fully created, and is maintained, by steelpan players. We all know how hard it can be to find the steelpan materials that you are looking for. Since everybody that works here at The Steelpan Store is a panist, we are always on the lookout for new products to help fellow panists. Just because we are looking, doesn't mean that we see everything though. There are a lot of products that go below our radar, so if you would like to see this website grow, feel free to send your suggestions. We love to hear feedback from anybody, so don't hesitate to email us at [email protected].

The Steelpan Store is here for one reason; to help panists. The Steelpan Store is determined to become the "one stop shop" for everything pan players need and/or want. We strive to create a friendly and safe atmosphere that pan players of all levels will be comfortable being a part of. We are focused customer relations and want to ensure that all of our customers are 100% satisfied with their entire purchasing experience. That involves excellent communication with customers, quick shipping, and quality products. This style of business will help create a friendly and pleasant buying experience for all members of the steelpan community. This site's primary objective is to simply help pan players find what they are looking for. The Steelpan Store is all about letting you see the difference between products. Now you can compare different items without having to hunt all over for them. At The Steelpan Store, we want you to enjoy the difference!

We here at The Steelpan Store take a very simple approach to what products should be on the site. If it somehow helps panists or just pan in general, we will put it on. If you have products of your own that you would like to sell, please email us. This is as much a community for steelpan as it is a store. So make sure to join in and help the community grow and prosper.

Thanks for coming, and we hope the spirit of pan keeps you happy and youthful forever.


The Man behind The Steelpan Store

The Steelpan Store was created by Matt Potts. Matt has studied percussion since the age of 4, and started studying pan at age 17. Matt got into the pan world simply out of curiosity. While going into his senior year in high school, Matt had the urge to learn steelpan. Not knowing where to get a pan, he went on eBay and bought a C lead from a guy in Trinidad. In retrospect, he was quite fortunate that the pan was pretty decent. Matt started out by teaching himself how to play the pan using various beginner piano and marimba books. He continued to teach himself how to play this instrument through high school and was the first person to perform a solo on pan for the Illinois solo/ensemble competition. After high school Matt knew there was only one college for him, Northern Illinois University.

Although Matt started as a mechanical engineering major, he was always involved with pan through the All University Steelband, and percussion. After getting through his first year Matt joined the percussion studio and the NIU World Steelband. During his first couple years in the NIU World Steelband, Matt started developing a major interest in not only pan but also in it's construction. Matt started studying the construction of the instrument in his free time after classes from Clifford Alexis. After two years of studying percussion as a percussion major, it became time for Matt to pick an emphasis. It was at this point that Matt realized that his true love was pan.

After some gentle coaxing from a good friend on the bus ride back from a gig, Matt decided to become a pan major. This is when everything started to really gain momentum. The more Matt was around and involved with pan, the more he wanted to be. This started his obsession with this great instrument and his interest in everything about the pan is still continuing to grow to this day.

 During his time at NIU, Matt worked closely with Clifford Alexis on studying the building and tuning of the steelpan. In addition to this, he also studied performing with Liam Teague both privately and through his time in the NIU World Steelband. During his time at NIU, both Liam and Cliff gave many responsibilities to Matt from getting the instruments repainted, to developing and maintaining, to installing and maintaining the tools in Cliff's workshop. Before leaving NIU, Matt combined his engineering and steelpan degrees with his senior engineering design project by improving the efficiency of building steelpans at Cliff's workshop.

The reason this store was created is simple; to help other panists. Matt always had issues finding the products he was looking for when he got into pan. He never knew where to find high quality pan related items. Matt decided that in order to help out the steelpan community, he would create a store that offered anything a panist might be looking for in one location.




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