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After years of being asked for steelband arrangements of my music, I am proud to finally offer these charts. This list will expand periodically, so check back from time to time.

These arrangements, with some exceptions, are generally geared towards advanced high school steelband programs and higher. Nowhere near the length and difficulty of a Trinidad Panorama arrangement, they still provide some type of thematic variation, either through written-out thematic development (such as a variation chorus), or by featuring especially talented soloists within your group, and more activity in the lower pans. Most have a fairly equal distribution of difficulty throughout the band. The difficulty ratings shown are on a scale from 1 to 5 ttttt.

Each arrangement comes with a full score (containing detailed performance notes for the director) and a full set of parts (including an optional tenor bass part), professionally engraved and printed on good quality paper, and in a labeled folder ready for filing in your library.

For each arrangement listed, there is a MIDI-generated audio-clip demo of the tune (Javascript required), along with a difficulty rating and helpful notes about the arrangements' special challenges or requirements.



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