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Smarty Pans
Smarty Pans is owned and operated by Mr. David Beery. Dave has a Bachelor of Arts degree in percussion from California State University, Long Beach. He has taught instrumental music and steel drum bands in several schools; most notably North High School in Torrance, CA, where he instructed the steel band for nine years. He was also the Director of Instrumental Music at North High School for five years.

Dave has performed with numerous steel bands over the years including the Pandemonium Steel Drum Band (from So. California) directed by Dr. Michael Carney; Panic Steel Band directed by Chris Wabich; the Panharmonic Steel Orchestra co-directed with Mr. Dave Gerhart; the Socalypso Steel drum duo with wife, Jackie Beery; and others. While performing with the Pandemonium Steel Drum Band, Dave shared the stage with famous Trinidadian pan players Liam Teague and Ray Holman. While with Pandemonium, Dave also performed with the Long Beach Symphony, Modesto Symphony, Virginia Symphony, Tulsa Symphony, Buffalo Symphony, and more. Dave has also performed on stage with famous steel band arranger & soloist Ken "Professor" Philmore.

During the early 1990’s, while working on his degree in percussion, Dave was introduced to Mr. Ellie Mannette at the Cannon Beach steel drum workshop. While he was there Dave was able to watch Ellie give lectures and instruction on steel drum crafting and tuning. Later, Dave began his hands-on experience with making steel pans with friend, Chris Wabich. Dave sank his first steel pan in Chris’ basement in North Carolina.
After “toying” with making steel pans for fun, Dave’s interest quickly grew into a passion. Within a year he was making and tuning pans with some degree of success. Over the next few years Dave was fortunate to observe master tuners Patrick Arnold and Cliff Alexis make and tune pans. Finally, after making a batch of pans with Chris, Dave and Chris met with Ellie Mannette in Phoenix at J.T. Taylor’s house. While they were there Ellie was kind enough to inspect the pans and give them a few integral insights into tuning.

After that momentous meeting with Ellie Mannette, Dave’s eyes were opened and he became even more fascinated and excited with making steel pans! Throughout the 1990’s Dave made pans for numerous schools and individuals. During that same time period, Dave helped Chris fine tune countless imported steel pans that were being sold by Paul Real at Real Percussion in Pasadena. Finally, in 2001 Dave decided to quit his day job and pursue his own steel pan business, Smarty Pans.

Dave now works as a master steel pan builder, tuner, educator, and as a freelance musician in the greater Southern California area. Dave has been making steel pans since 1991.

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